This section enumerates the eligibility rules of a project and the conditions of usage for organizations and volunteers.

Eligibility: organization and area of intervention


  • The eligible applicant organization must be a community organization, a coop, a foundation or non-profit organization whose headquarters are located in Canada.
  • This organization must have a Charter and be registered with the Canada

Revenue Agency (CRA) or, where applicable, be duly registered in the Québec Business Registry (Registraire des entreprises du Québec)

  • Given the objective of volunteering, the head office and the area of intervention of the organization must be located, in preference, in the territories where Desjardins Group is present.
  • The applicant organization must not have exercised or carried out activities that could have harmed or may harm Desjardins.

Area of intervention:

The organization must work for youth support in the following areas:

  • Education
  • Employment and entrepreneurship
  • Health and healthy habits
  • Social engagement

The volunteering project submitted must correspond to Desjardins' mission and priorities. Projects must be local or national, have added value for the community and/or a social purpose.

Terms of exclusion: projects

Excluded are projects:

  • Guided by personal interest.
  • Promoting sex, violence, drugs, weapons of any kind, reprehensible behaviors or behaviours considered to be health hazards.
  • Political or religious.

This list is not exhaustive.

Desjardins reserves the right to accept or reject a project, regarding the above conditions.

Volunteering schedule:

Volunteer applications must be submitted between October 7 and October 19, 2019.

Volunteer participation:

When an activity is submitted by an organization as part of the 2019 Co-op Week, Desjardins cannot guarantee the objectives (complete or partial) in terms of voluntary participation identified for the initiative.

The expert volunteer must make sure to limit his contribution to his field of expertise. He / she offers the organization a contribution that considers its expertise. The expert volunteer should not guarantee the achievement of the objectives (complete or partial) of the organization.

It is the volunteer's responsibility to ensure that during his / her volunteer work, he / she complies with the requirements or frameworks attached to his / her position (eg member of a professional order).

The expert volunteer may offer support to the organization in its governance initiatives but must never be considered as an agent or an employee of the organization.

Any volunteer participation (including volunteer expertise) in an activity must take place between October 7 and 19, 2019. Volunteer responsibility can not be engaged beyond the services provided during 2019 Co-op Week. Any other agreement between the organization and the volunteer, apart from the rules enacted, will only be binding the two parties.

Criminal record:

Volunteers' criminal records will not be verified.

Volunteer eligibility:

  • Volunteers must be 18 years old (or older) and be Canadian residents.
  • Group of volunteers: Volunteers must intervene by groups of individuals (and not alone) within an organization.
  • When a volunteer signs up for an activity as part of 2019 Co-op Week, the volunteer agrees to have their name listed on the list of participants of the selected initiative.

NEW (2019)

Authorization for a volunteer (Rallyer) to enroll another Desjardins volunteer on his team-Consent

It is now possible for a Rallyer to register other volunteers on his team.

The confirmation of the registration of these resources to the Rallyer’s team will however only be formalized when each identified volunteer confirms by email their acceptance of the Terms and conditions. 

Mandate for the registration of a volunteer by the "Volunteer Rallyer"

I, __________________, wish to participate in a volunteer activity of the 2019 Co-op Week, which runs from October 7 throughout October 19. As a result, I authorize ____________________, a Rallyer, to proceed with my registration through the Simplyk platform. I authorize him to communicate all my personal information necessary and agree at the same time to receive any communication related to the 2019 Co-op Week. 

Authorization of an organization to have a delegated third party (Caisse/Business unit) register for the 2019 Co-op Week

When an organization wishes to allow a third party (Caisse or Business unit) to register its project via the platform - the delegate (Caisse or Business unit) must hold the authorization to proceed.

As a result, it will be necessary for the registrant to obtain the authorization and a written mandate from the organization to complete the operation (this can be completed by email).                               

Here are the elements that the organization will have to provide in writing to its delegate to confirm the transaction:

  1. Provide the Caisse (or Business unit) with all the information necessary to register the organization on the Simplyk platform.
  2. Authorize the Caisse/Business unit to register the organization through the Simplyk platform as part of 2019 Co-op Week - October 13 throughout the 19.
  3. Authorize the Caisse/Business unit, or its delegated employee, to complete any required documents and to provide all necessary information from the organization for registration.
  4. Agree to receive any email communication from Desjardins* during the 2019 Co-op Week.
  5. Consent to the Terms and conditions brought to its attention by the listing party.

When submitting your project online, the third party must mention that it has the authorization of the organization holding the said project and forward the proof by email to

*Fédération des caisses Desjardins du Québec located at 100, rue des Commandeurs, Lévis (Québec) G6V 7N5. Website :

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